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Our Story


Kyle grew up in Pennsylvania. Kelsey grew up in Washington state. 2,782 miles away from each other. Yet somehow God wove their story together, in a way only He could. A story that would last forever.


In early 2011, Kyle was on a music tour across the West Coast. Kyle met Kelsey backstage at one of the shows in Portland, Oregon. He was immediately drawn to her. Her confidence, kindness, and beauty haunted him in the best possible way. He knew one thing…he had to pursue her or he would regret it.


Kelsey thought Kyle was very attractive, but yet humble and kind. He made Kelsey laugh right away, and they both felt like they had known each other all of their lives. Like they had always been friends. A feeling only God brings out in two strangers. 


Kyle began to pursue Kelsey. He would drive hours to see her only for a little while before she had to catch a plane. And Kelsey would fly to Kyle’s nearest shows. Endless hours of Skype dates soon followed. They began dating. Handwritten notes, love songs, and lots of laughter colored their relationship. Memories and moments spent on the East & West Coast filled their dating life. They quickly fell deeply in love. 


That fall, Kyle asked Kelsey’s father for her hand in marriage. On a sunny autumn day in October, Kyle took Kelsey down to Main Street in Franklin, TN. He got down on one knee…and she said “Yes!”


















Something truly magical happened that Christmas. Ten years ago, when Kyle was thirteen years old he wrote a letter to his future wife promising to chase after God and to pursue purity while he waited for her—whoever she was, wherever she was. When Kelsey was thirteen she signed a contract with her parents promising to wait for her future husband and pray for him until he came into her life. Kyle and Kelsey celebrated Christmas 2011 by giving each other the letters they wrote a decade earlier. 


The next summer their dreams came true. On June 2nd, 2012 their fairytale began as husband and wife. 


Since that day, life has been a beautiful adventure! Kyle and Kelsey have spoken to thousands of teenagers on everyday issues, from their relationship with God and their parents to friendships, social media, and discerning the right guy or girl to date. They signed a deal with Revell Books and have written a book that is fresh and honest. Their story will encourage girls to believe in the unique fairytale God has for them, the one they will only find as they chase after Jesus.

Recording artist Kyle Kupecky, debuted his first EP album in 2014, featuring his soulful and inspiring song “Plans.”

      Kyle has toured the nation as a performer and has played packed arenas on The Roadshow with MercyMe and the Story Tour with Max Lucado and Steven Curtis Chapman. 

       He is best known for his beautiful soaring vocals and his deep heart for God. Through music and speaking with his wife, Kyle is passionate about sharing Jesus with today’s youth. 

Actress and designer Kelsey Kupecky, has appeared in several films including Emmy-nominated “The Heart of Christmas.” In 2014 Kelsey and her mother, #1 New York Times Best-selling author, Karen Kingsbury, debuted their DaySpring greeting card and gift line: Possibilities.

       Kelsey has toured the nation as the famous, ficitonal character Bailey Flanigan. Through acting, designing, and speaking with her husband, Kelsey's dream is to encourage girls to chase after God, allowing Him to write their fairytale.

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